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About Carmen Marshall

CarmenMarshallCarmen has been self­employed for 17 years, and is one of the top business, health & lifestyle professionals in the industry. Having built 3 successful businesses and two international network marketing companies that put her in the top 1% of income earners in the US, she understands the challenges entrepreneurs face and what is required for both business and life success. A true entrepreneur, lifestyle master and international wellness coach who walks her talk, Carmen is the founder of Create A Live You LoveTM, the SexyFitTM Nutrition Challenge, a 30 Day online Nutrition Program, SexyFitTM Dance, her own dance modality, and Live Well International, a business and lifestyle training company.

Carmen currently lives in Bali and Australia. She continues to write, vlog, coach and hold “Create A Life You Love” online courses and retreats. She openly shares her journey, knowledge and life, as her mission is to inspire and empower women to design their own lives to be healthy, successful, balanced, powerfully feminine & happy.

Carmen is an authentic and living example of what every woman can be and do, and has inspired and empowered thousands of women worldwide to create a life they love, and a life that works.

Carmen is also a fitness, nutrition & raw food expert, and is passionate about teaching SexyFitTM Dance and learning Brazilian Zouk. When she’s not working, doing what she loves with her Live Well + SexyFitTM Coaches, or dancing, you can find her launching a new company (watch out for ­ her latest company developed with her partner: Products + gifts to help individuals and couples slow down, connect to themselves and each other), zenning on a beach, traveling, or enthusiastically exploring human potential & ease­full co­creation with the universe.